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STEAM Drone Challenge Series

Join our community of enthusiastic pilots, film makers, engineers & teachers exploring STEM+Arts concepts using  unmanned aerial vehicle quad-copter drones

Ever wanted to learn how to fly a drone or check your growing skills against a worthy competitor? 

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Like to watch a few introductory videos about our program? We’ve got those drone education videos online just for you!

The STEAM Drone Challenge Series is set up to help you do precisely that … and so much more! We provide a wide range of programs for all ability levels, from learning never-evers to seasoned professional drone pilots.

The STEAM Drone Challenge Series provides a community for drone enthusiasts of all ages to learn and to share their love for the sport.

Photo by Jason Harper, University of Wyoming

Drone Film Making Contests

Can you capture breath taking videos with your drone and create an edited film that everyone wants to see?  We host drone-based film festivals where you can create and share award winning video from your drone. (More than 80,000 examples at AirVū [Generalized Competition Rules and Guidelines for Drone Film Challenge] Event Registration Page

Virtual Drone Racing Tournaments

Ready to try virtual reality racing from your couch? We host virtual races where you can hone your flying skills. Grab the Velocidrone Simulator and start practicing your flight maneuvers so you can go head to head with other racers from around the world. [Generalized Competition Rules and Guidelines for Virtual Drone Racing Challenge] Event Registration Page

Coding for Autonomous Flying Challenges

It’s not can you fly, but can you code?  We host drone computer coding competitions using DroneBlocks, Python, and other similar, easy-to-use coding platforms to challenge both never-evers and seasoned pros.  [Generalized Competition Rules and Guidelines for Drone Coding for Autonomous Flight Challenge] Event Registration Page

Drone Racing Tournaments

How fast can you fly your drone through a challenging obstacle course?  We host both indoor and outdoor timed head-to-head competitions to test your skills, claim bragging rights, and win prizes. (image credit to [Generalized Competition Rules and Guidelines for Drone Racing Challenge] Event Registration Page

Precision Flying Challenge Cup

Can you deliver the goods on target and on time?  We host precision flight challenges where teams illustrate their flight skills in numerous ways, navigating obscured canyons, or perhaps create and print 3D modifications to attach to their drones to pick up, carry payloads, and make precise deliveries in flight challenge competitions. (image credit to [Generalized Competition Rules and Guidelines for Precision Drone Flight Challenge] Event Registration Page

The “Drone Knows” FAA, Tech, Weather, Aeronautics & Entrepreneurial Business Acumen Knowledge Quiz Bowl Competitions

Do you know what the professionals know?  We host quiz-bowls, trivia contests, and written knowledge test competitions to measure how much you’ve learned about the drone industry, drone legalities, and commercial operations leading up to, and including, FAA certifications. More information forthcoming. [Generalized Competition Rules and Guidelines for Drone Knowledge Challenge] Event Registration Page

Curriculum Materials for Teachers, Troop Leaders, and Parents

Looking for a structured learning pathway that teaches the skills and knowledge to be a safe and skilled drone pilot?  We’ve created and field-tested instructional materials for schools, for after school programs, and for hobby groups that really work.  Everything you need to know lead learners to become lifelong drone enthusiasts. Forthcoming. Workshop Registration Page

Check out our upcoming events calendar!

Professional Development Workshops for Teachers and Outreach Enthusiasts

Want to lead and teach others in their quest to master drone flight?  We host professional development workshops, summer boot camps, and online seminars that not only teach you to fly, but how to organize a drone class or coach a winning drone team. We are hosting upcoming programs in your area and can come to your location to help out. Join our mailing list to learn more.

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(c) 2021. Along with many generous sponsors, the STEAM Drone Challenge Series is hosted and sponsored by the non-profit CAPER Center for Astronomy & Physics Education Research and the University of Wyoming Excellence in Higher Education Endowment for Science Education’s iDRONE Center.

Marquee Sponsors include, among others, University of Wyoming Trustees’ Education Initiative, UW WyGISC Collegiate Drone Education Program, Area59@Gillette College, Wyoming Department of Education, Wyoming Aerial Solutions, CAPER, GT Aeronautics, A-1 Recovery, and WyoTech.

Please write to us at if you need more specific information, and don’t forget to join our email list!