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Videos about our iDrone Education Program and Start Flying Today!

  1. Why do you want to learn about flying drones? 3-min
  2. Using Drone Challenges to Learn about STEM & the Arts (STEAM) 5-min
  3. iDrone Quick Clinic – Creating Winning and Awe Inspiring Drone Videos 21-min
  4. Careers: Bringing Drone Technology and Career Skills to Wyoming Communities 2-min
  5. An overview of the K-12 & Collegiate Drone Challenge Competition Program hosted by the University of Wyoming 22-min
  6. Learning STEAM Concepts Using Drones 17-mi
  7. Look to the Skies: Drones in Science Fiction Movies 38-min

Students and educators are often looking for innovative ways to integrate STEM plus creative arts—or STEAM—concepts into the curriculum. Recent advances in remote control and autonomous quadcopter unmanned aerial vehicles, UAVs, have brought the excitement of affordable drones within reach of many interdisciplinary classrooms. We have developed series of drone STEAM challenge festivals across the country, and accompanying curriculum, that provide students and collaborative student-teams of all ages the opportunity to create and share drone-based photographs and short films, race drones around obstacle courses, complete precision flying tasks, and create computer coding for autonomous flight, adding a new tool for teachers to more readily integrate across the STEAM disciplines.

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